Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mama Nayo: Everything

Full Notebooks
(for Mama Nayo)
i think
ink grows in the glow of your face
i think
truth remembers how it needs to be said
when you speak
especially when you yawn

i think there is
a reverse photosynthetic effect
that turns the light
in your hello
into full notebooks
and ideas
green and explosive
with their need
to be born
with their need
to be

this is neither the best
nor the last attempt
i will make to explain it
but just by you
being you
something grows

Alternate Roots is one of Mama Nayo's many many affiliations...

Kim Arrington: Griot/Alchemist

i remember
the growl
that strides
longside your laughter
up under your confidence
drumroll to your
explosive revelations
underground bassline
for your ever-ready hook
ancient signal alarm clock
to those who would remember
and i remember

it's a hard call
to write a poem
for a poet
but at the same time
its the only thing
to do
and to listen
for the basement
for the foundation
for the referent
for the growl

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