Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Paula Ximena Rojas-Urrutia: Acrobatic Doula

for Paula

if every word ended
with the letter "a"
(or at least all the
important ones)
i might assume
that it had been
by your design

i imagine
that its part
of your strategy
to leave us
with our mouths open
facing each other

or maybe part of the plan
is to make us
more likely to exhale
ready to let go
the knowledge
that keeps our faces

because a sigh
is not a scream
is not an
but you may already believe
that how we say
will be various

so i think
you have made
and earned
and required
a choir
where love
sounds like

See the beautiful work of SistaIISista (an organization that Paula helped to found)

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