Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Alexis Richardson: Playing Doubles

for Alexis L. Richardson

besides mine
the other family name
on the 16-mile long rock
that we come from
is Richardson

i tell you this
in honor of the doubling effect
that is already
in play

so forgive me
if i crowd you
by imagining your story
as the other a-side
to my own soap opera soundtrack

i wonder if yours
is a version smoother
without the creases
i have made by
folding and refolding
my days

but my guess is
similarly framed
our hands
have faced
the same mess

i can only ask.
but what i do know
already is that
trumping the fantasy
of a parellel life

is this intersection
i mean thank you
for sharing
the universe
with me

among many projects, Alexis is co-founder of Capere an expanding journal for educators.

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