Thursday, April 12, 2007

Michelle Lanier: Ribald Farming

for Michelle Lanier

angels stain the air
when you reach for words
made rounder by
the soil you trace
for roots

and birds sound the calling
to splash light
to water what knows
you are home

so i'll curl a streamer
i'll smooth a mound
i'll balance a birthing gourd
meaning I will cultivate grace daily
so they'll know
i heard you

1 comment:

TalithaCumi said...

I am crying!!! Thank you Alexis. This is a priceless gift. It feeds me on this morning. It inspires me to be shown OUR light through poem and image. You make me more beautiful!
I am still rocking in my cerebral soul as I remember the lush and piquant and poetic scholarhip you offered last Friday at Bennett. THANK YOU! amen