Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jurina (Love)

for Jurina

nobody writes about air
the way it rocks your body
into belong
flutes your first cry
into song

nobody writes
about air

the way it
breathes your skin
to drunk awake
bubble wrapping each mistake
the way it
tempts you to fall

nobody writes about air
which is not
a height or a place
but instead manifests
a loving pressure
coating your face

air is neither tool nor absence
niether compound nor war zone

air is simply an ally to energy
air is most accurately
a partner
for life

so if i were to write
a poem about air

about something as crucial
as it is soft
about what i need most

this would still
be a poem
about you.


JUJU said...

Awe...If I could have written a better poem about mE this would be it. Bravo! Bravo! I am so blessed to have and share your Love. You are my Earth a.k.a 'My Little Stinky Poo' - I love yOu!! -jj

JUJU said...

Wow every time i read this poem I am touched. You still and always will be 'Stinky Poo' - I love you! -jj